About The Author

My name is Gary Newell.

I have been a software developer for the past 25 years and a Linux enthusiast for almost as long.

I used to own the site Everyday Linux User but closed it down due to overwhelming work commitments. I also used to write for Lifewire.com.

Everyday Linux User appeared in a list of 10 great Linux websites where the site was described as follows:

“Everyday Linux User is a one man maintained website that offers hundreds of simple to read but really good reviews and tutorials with a broad diversity of topics, like how to’s on the installation of distributions, reviews of distributions and applications, and background stories. The posts written by Gary Newell are written by an everyday Linux user and are aimed at ordinary everyday people who want to try the Linux operating system and open source software. The posts have a friendly tone of voice like a friend is sitting right beside you to guide you through processes”.

The aim of this site is also to provide a friendly tone whilst providing tutorials about the Raspberry PI.

I once appeared on the Everyday Linux podcast – episode 109 and I have written guest posts for other blogs including Problogger, Dark Duck and Linux Rig.

Hopefully you will enjoy your stay whilst on this site.