Booting A Raspberry PI Using An SSD

In this guide I will show you how to boot your Raspberry PI using an SSD instead of the SD Card.

It is assumed you are using a Raspberry PI 4 or 400 and that you are using Raspberry PI OS.

You will need an SSD plugged into the Raspberry PI and an SD card to boot the Raspberry PI initially.

1. Update your system

Boot your Raspberry PI using an SD-Card.

Open a terminal window and run the following commands: (Press Ctrl, Alt and T at the same time)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudoRuns command as another user, by default root
apt-getThe package manager
updateUpdates the repositories to show the latest packages
upgradeUpgrades the packages on the Raspberry PI to the latest version

2. Copy the sd-card to the SSD

To be able to boot from the SSD, we will use the SD Card Copier program.

Click on the menu and navigate to accessories and then click “SD Card Copier”.

SD Card Copier

In copy from box choose the SD card (this will have /dev/mmcblk0). In the copy to device choose /dev/sda (or the one that represents your SSD).

Click “Start”.

The process takes a while to complete.

3. Reboot The PI

Shutdown the Raspberry PI and remove the SD card.

Restart the Raspberry PI with the SSD still attached.

The Raspberry PI will now boot from the SSD.