How To Connect To A Raspberry PI Using SSH

To setup SSH on a Raspberry PI you need to go to the Raspberry PI Configuration screen.

Click the menu button and navigate to the preferences sub menu and then “Raspberry PI Configuration”.

Raspberry PI Interfaces

Click on the “Interfaces” tab and set SSH to enabled and click OK. Exit the Raspberry PI Configuration screen by clicking “OK” and choose yes when prompted to restart the Raspberry PI.

To connect to the Raspberry PI from a computer running Windows open a command window by typing “CMD” into the search box and when prompted open a command window.

You can connect to the Raspberry PI using SSH with the IP address of the Raspberry PI or you can use the hostname of your Raspberry PI.

To connect using the hostname of the Raspberry PI type in the following command:

ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

A message will appear asking whether you are sure you want to connect as the authenticity of the host cannot be established.

Essentially if somebody else manages to get a device on your network that looks like the one you want to connect to then you could essentially end up logging on their machine and sharing secrets.

If you know for sure that the machine you are connecting to is your Raspberry PI then type “yes” and press return.

You will now be prompted for the PI password. Enter the password and press return.

You should now be connected to your Raspberry PI and you can use any common Linux command to navigate and manage files on the system.