How To Connect To A Raspberry PI Using VNC

To setup VNC on a Raspberry PI you need to go to the Raspberry PI Configuration screen.

Click the menu button and navigate to the preferences sub menu and then “Raspberry PI Configuration”.

Enable VNC

Click on the “Interfaces” tab and set VNC to enabled and click OK. Exit the Raspberry PI Configuration screen by clicking “OK” and choose yes when prompted to restart the Raspberry PI.

To access the Raspberry PI using VNC you will require a VNC client. A good cross platform VNC client is called RealVNC

Real VNC

To download RealVNC go to

Click on “Download VNC Viewer”.

To install VNC viewer, open Windows Explorer (Press the Windows and E key at the same time) and click on the “Downloads” folder.

Double click on the VNC Viewer installer file.

Install VNC Viewer

Select the installation language you wish to use and click OK.

Install VNC Viewer

When the installer loads click “Next” to get past the welcome screen.

Accept license

Put a tick in the box to accept the license agreement and click “Next”.

Desktop Shortcuts

Click on “Desktop Shortcut” so that you can run Real VNC from the desktop and click “Next”.

Install Real VNC

Click “Install” to install the Real VNC Client.

Install complete

Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

To run RealVNC Viewer, type VNC Viewer into the Windows search bar and click “Open”.

Uncheck the box to send anonymous usage data and click “Got It”.

Create new connection

To set up a new connection, click “File” and then “New Connection” from the menu.

VNC Setup

Type the hostname of the Raspberry PI into the VNC Server box (IE. raspberrypi.local) or use the IP address if you know it.

Enter a meaningful name (IE. Raspberry PI).

Click “OK”.

Raspberry PI Config

The connection is now available every time you want to connect to the Raspberry PI.

To connect to the Raspberry PI either double click on the connection or right click and choose “Connect”.


A warning appears asking whether you are sure you want to connect.

Click “Connect” to continue.

VNC Connect

Enter your PI username and password and click “OK”.

Raspberry PI VNC

You will now see the Raspberry PI screen and you can use the Raspberry PI in the same way as if you were sitting next to it with a keyboard, mouse and monitor connected.

By default, the screen loads in Windowed mode. To get it to go full screen hover the mouse near the top of the screen and click on the icon with the 4 arrows. You can do the same to exit full screen mode.