How To Install Ubuntu Mate On The Raspberry PI 400

In this guide I will show you how to install Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry PI 400.

You will need the following:

  • A Raspberry PI – either a Raspberry PI 4 (with 4gb or above) or a Raspberry PI 400
  • A 16 gb SD card or above

Raspberry PI Imager

The first tool you will need is Raspberry PI Imager.

Open a web browser and go to

Raspberry PI Imager

Raspberry PI Imager is available for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu and Raspberry PI OS.

If you are using Windows open Windows Explorer and double click on the downloaded file (called something like imager_n where n is the verson number).

When the installer pops up click “Install” and then click “Finish”. Raspberry PI Imager should start automatically but if it doesn’t you can find it by clicking on the Windows start menu and searching for “Imager”.

If you are using Ubuntu, the downloaded file can be found in the “Downloads” folder. Open the file manager and click on the downloaded Raspberry PI imager file and you will be able to install the application as you would any other .deb file.

If you are using the Raspberry PI 4 or 400 you can install Raspberry PI imager by opening a terminal and typing the following:

sudo apt-get install rpi-imager

You can run Raspberry PI imager in Ubuntu by clicking the icon that brings up the applications and then searching for imager. On the Raspberry PI the imager is under the accessories menu.

You can also start Raspberry PI imager from a terminal window. Press CTRL ALT and T and run the following command.

rpi-imager &

Download Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate Website

There are 2 versions of Ubuntu Mate available, a 32-bit or 64-bit version.

At the moment I use the 32-bit on anything up to the 4gb PI and the PI 400 as it is easier to get services like Netflix and Amazon prime working.

Click on the download link of the version of Ubuntu Mate you wish to use.

Ubuntu Mate Raspberry PI versions

There are currently 2 versions available:

  • 20.04.1 LTS – This is the long term support version
  • 20.10 – supported until July 2021, contains latest features

The LTS version will be the version to use if you don’t want to upgrade frequently,

Click on the version you wish to download.

Choose how to download Ubuntu Mate

The final step is to choose how to download Ubuntu Mate. The straight forward way is to click “Direct Download”.

Create The Ubuntu Mate SD Card

Insert a blank SD card into your computer.

Make sure Raspberry PI Imager is running.

Raspberry PI Imager

Click on “Choose OS”.

Choose Source

Scroll down and click on “Use Custom”.

Select the downloaded Ubuntu Mate file and click “Open” (Note that you may need to navigate to the downloads folder to find the file).

Choose SD Card

Select the SD Card reader with the SD card you want to install Ubuntu Mate on to.

Finally, click “Write”.

Boot Ubuntu Mate For The First Time

Set up Ubuntu Mate

Insert the SD card into the Raspberry PI and turn the power on.

Ubuntu Mate will boot into a series of set up screens.

The first screen asks for your language.

Make a selection and click “Continue”.

Choose Keyboard Layout

Choose the keyboard layout for the keyboard you are using and click “Continue”.

Choose WiFi Network

You can now choose to set up your wifi network. You can either do this now or later on.

If you choose to do it now select “Connect to this network” and select the network you wish to connect to. You will be asked to enter the password for that network if it has one.

Choose your location

The penultimate step is to choose your location by selecting it on the map or by entering it into the box provided.

Make a selection and click “Continue”.

Create a user

The final step is to create a user.

Enter your name and a name to identify the Raspberry PI on the network.

Enter a username and choose a password and to make sure you have not mis-keyed enter that password again,

You can choose to login automatically or to be asked for the password every time you boot into Ubuntu Mate. For security purposes always ask for a password.

Click “Continue” when you have finished.

Ubuntu will now copy all the files and do all the stuff it needs to do to install the operating system to the SD Card.

Ubuntu Mate Login Screen

After the installation is complete your PI will reboot and you will now see the login screen. Select your user and enter the password and Ubuntu Mate will be installed.