How To Watch Netflix and Amazon Prime On Raspberry PI 4

One of the things you can’t do with the default installation of Raspberry PI OS is watch Netflix or Amazon.

If you try to use Netflix on a default installation of Raspberry PI OS you will see the following error:

Netflix Error Raspbherry PI 4

If you try to watch Amazon Prime on the Raspberry PI 4 then you will see the following error.

Amazon Prime Error – Raspberry PI 4

Fortunately thanks to the blog by VPetkov the solution is to run 2 lines of code.

The original blog post can be found at

The 2 lines of code are as follows:

curl -fsSL -o ventz-media-pi
sh ventz-media-pi

To run the 2 commands open a terminal window by pressing CTRL, ALT and T on your keyboard at the same time and then copy and paste the lines into the terminal window. (To paste into a terminal window, click on the right mouse button and choose paste)

PI Script to get Netflix to work

After running the script reboot your Raspberry PI.

Chromium Media Edition

To watch Netflix,open the menu and navigate to the internet sub-menu. You will see a new icon called Chromium Media Edition.

To watch Netflix click on the icon and navigate to as you would normally and you should be able to watch the videos without any errors appearing.

Netflix working on Raspberry PI 4
Amazon Prime working – Raspberry PI 4

About the script

It is never a good idea to blindly run a script without knowing the contents of the script but if the script provides a proven solution and has been vetted by other people then there is less risk in doing so,

The script basically does the following:

  • Downloads a working version of the file which allows video playback on videos with DRM restrictions.
  • It downloads an icon for the Chromium Media Edition and places it into the appropriate folder
  • Provides a fix to prevent screen tearing


This script provides an essential solution for allowing you to watch media on your Raspberry PI.

It isn’t the only solution and there are various other posts above using the Vivaldi browser and of course compiling your own version of libwidevine.

Raspberry PI User is about using the simplest solution to solving problems and VPetkov has certainly provided the easiest method and I congratulate him for that.