Printing From The Raspberry PI Using CUPS

In this guide you will be shown how to setup a printer using the Raspberry PI.

Open a terminal window (press CTRL, Alt and T at the same time) and type the following command:

sudo apt-get install cups

CUPS stands for common unix printing system and is the tool used to set up printers on the Raspberry PI.

After cups has been installed allow your PI user to access it by typing the following command:

sudo usermod –a –G lpadmin pi

CUPS Admin

Open a web browser (Chromium) and navigate to http://localhost:631/admin.

Click on the Administration menu option and then click “Add Printer”.

Add Printer

If you want to use a USB printer then you will need to connect the Raspberry PI to the printer using a USB cable. The printer will appear as a local printer.

Most people use wireless printing nowadays and you should see the name of your printer under “Discovered Network Printers”.

Click the radio button for your printer and click “Continue”.

Add Printer

The name of the printer will be displayed, with a description. Click “Continue”.

Choose Printer

A list of makes and models will appear for your printer and you should choose the printer that most closely describes your printer.

Click “Add Printer”.

Printer Defaults

The final step is to choose whether you want a starting or ending banner after each printout. By default these are set to none.

Click “Set default options”.

Your printer should now be set up correctly and when you are using an application such as LibreOffice Writer you will be able to print.