Ultimate PI – Raspberry PI OS With Cinnamon Desktop

Raspberry PI OS is the best operating system for the Raspberry PI because it was built specifically for the Raspberry PI.

I have created a number of guides on this site showing how to make the Raspberry PI OS more useful for every day daily tasks.

For instance this guide shows how to view Netflix and Amazon Prime using Raspberry PI OS and this guide shows how to customise the Raspberry PI desktop.

I ended up putting all the guides together and created a book called “The Ultimate Raspberry PI Desktop Computer Setup Guide” which is available on Amazon.

Whilst this guide is good and shows how to do everything you need to do I was acutely aware that the average person couldn’t be bothered going through all these steps and might want a simple one click install.

I therefore created Ultimate PI which is a re-spin of Raspberry PI OS with the Cinnamon Desktop.

This guide shows how to setup and install Ultimate PI. The download link for Ultimate PI is https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultimatepi/.

This page details the features of Ultimate PI.

Ultimate PI

There is nothing magical about Ultimate PI in the sense there is no actual code that has been developed to make it other than a repeatable shell script that I created to install the software and make sure things worked.

The panel at the bottom has 2 main sections.

In the bottom left is the “Go” button which displays the menu and then next to that is a series of quick launch icons for starting the web browser, mail client and LibreOffice.

In the bottom right corner are system tray style icons for setting up bluetooth, connecting to wireless networks and audio settings.


The following applications are installed with Ultimate PI

  • Chromium web browser
  • Evolution mail client
  • Hexchat IRC client
  • Transmission Bittorrent client
  • Remote desktop viewer
  • LibreOffice office suite
  • Rhythmbox audio player
  • VLC media player
  • GIMP image editor
  • Imagemagick image editor
  • Shotwell photo manager

Watching DRM content

In order to allow users to watch DRM content, the media edition of Chromium is also installed

Netflix on Ultimate PI


SSH and VNC are enabled by default.

If you are using a Raspberry PI 4, you will be able to connect automatically from any other device with a VNC viewer.

The hostname is piultimatedesktop or you can use the ip address of the Raspberry PI.


It is recommended that the PI is overclocked and you will also benefit from running PI Ultimate from an SSD.


Ultimate PI isn’t reinventing the wheel, it just provides a straight forward entry point for people who want to use the Raspberry PI as a desktop computer and have common applications installed by default.